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Thread: Tiny log house on a trailer

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    Tiny log house on a trailer

    Humor me here. Let's entertain the idea of building a tiny log house on a trailer, for those situations where buying land just isn't feasible for whatever reason. Let's assume the trailer is made by one of those tiny house companies that make special tiny house trailers, to make things easier.

    The first question is how to attach the logs to the trailer. One option would be drilling up through the metal into the log and then bolting them together. Another option might be driving rebar through the log like usual, maybe bending the rebar around the metal frame and then welding it onto the frame. But I don't know much about welding, maybe that wouldn't work (dissimilar metals?). The floor joists could be attached to the support framing with hardware brackets of some kind.

    Then we have some logistical problems to think about. Will the logs be too heavy? Bear in mind we're probably not doing anything more than 12" diameter. Then there's the square vs. rectangle design problem, since the trailer would be 8 x 20 or 8 x 24.. But I figure at this size, the taper on the logs will not be too noticeable. The other thing that came to mind was the roofing: LHBA recommends pretty wide overhangs to protect the logs from the elements, but if you were to do that on a trailer, it would be more than 8' wide and thus not street legal. I suppose if you had to transport it you could get that special "wide load" entourage.

    Thoughts? Jeers and heckling?

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    It seems like space is at a premium in those tiny houses. I'm not sure that a 12" thick wall would be a better solution than 4" thick wall...
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    I think the "8' wide home" would be too narrow when you factor in the thickness of the logs. .. but let's kick this idea around anyway.

    Maybe we build them the width of mobile homes(?) . . . .
    Maybe we build and keep them on my land, with the idea they are only semi permanent?
    Maybe we build a central shop and sauna with log mobiles as part of the compound(?)

    Maybe we rent a couple of the mobiles out(?)
    Maybe. . .maybe. . .maybe. . . .

    I am looking for ideas too.
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    It's a tall order to fill all around. The two designs are literally at the far opposite ends of the spectrum. Weight is going to put a hurting on even a tri-axle trailer. Premium interior square footage would need to be sacrificed. Asking chinking to withstand the effects of moving the structure down the road.

    Could one build a small log home on a trailer? Yes. Would it be practical to actually reside in? I don't believe so.

    Even the way typical "tiny homes" are built, lose much square footage and practicality over the existing RV industry. That said, even living full time in an RV is not a very wonderful thing. I know, I've been doing it for 4 years now. I've told several people now that camping in an RV, and living in an RV are two very different things. And most don't believe me until they go and try it for themselves.

    I think you'd be far better off finding someone to let you build a small (20×20ish) cabin upon their land, with an agreement that you'd move off their land at their request at any time.

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