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Thread: This seems too good to be true.....

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    This seems too good to be true.....

    Okay. So owning a log cabin home has been a dream of my husband's for a lot longer than its been a dream of mine. But recently I have jumped on his bandwagon full force. I noticed after visiting some friends with a log cabin home that log cabins feel so much warmer, welcoming, and calming than stick built homes. I'm a research nut. And ever since making the decision that we both want a log cabin, I have been looking through magazines and pamphlets, talking with friends who own log cabin homes, and scouring the internet for ideas and information.

    I was set on buying a "log cabin kit", but was disappointed to find out that the logs weren't "full logs". That's when I stumbled upon this website. It all seems too good to be true. All of the things I was concerned about (i.e. the cost, treating the logs every 5 years, lack of building knowledge-I have a degree in business, not construction) seem to be addressed and laid to rest per this "class" that's offered. I'm pretty optimistic about this, but I don't think my husband is. Anyone have any advice, words of wisdom, where to start (I am waiting for the next class session to be announced), or perhaps some encouragement for my husband?

    I feel like just the thought of being able to do this on our own has consumed all of my daily thoughts. So I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to who has really done this. Someone who can tell me, for sure, that we, too, could make our dream a reality. What I DON'T want to do, is pay hundreds of dollars for a class, fly several states away to take it, only to find out that there is no way we could ever do this. So....anyone willing to offer REAL encouragement would be appreciated!

    **Feel like we're in over our heads and swimming around aimlessly......

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    This is the place where you can find the support and direction to build your own log cabin. The class has a money back guarantee that has never been tested.
    We are a collection of individuals who have never built log cabins before but we are building our own log cabins to live in most without mortgages.
    Is this real? Yup.

    Give the guys/gals a few minutes and they will say so too.


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    1) I built my house for less than 60k, most of which was tools, which can be resold.
    2) the logs are solid.
    3) I am disabled, and can hardly walk now. Was still able to do it.
    4) the class ties together everything you can learn outside the class. If you are disappointed, ask for your money back. I don't think anyone has ever requested this.
    5) once you are a member, you can visit/help/learn on other's builds. You can learn a lot of make sure you do this, or I wish I had known...
    6) there are members nation/worldwide. You will have lots of opportunities to lend a hand.

    see my photobucket site and specifically 2012 building section for lots of pics.


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    Agreed with the others. I have never built anything other than a couple of decks and reroofed a house with the help of a friend. Be patient with your husband, if he is not on board you will be wasting your time. Feel free to look through my blog to see if you are up to the challenge. Not going to say it is easy, but it is something most anyone can do. I have been at it three years now and have about 4-6 months to go.

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    Will have to add my agreements to all who have answered above and im sure you will get several more too. Not one of us who answer have a single thing to gain by encouraging you look around, read all you can on the site and even take the class if you so desire. Not one single thing do we gain by any of that. It seems like you have arrived here like many of the rest of us. You love the look and feel of a log home but the more you looked at the kits the more you were disappointed in what you saw and learned and felt there had to be something better out there, and there is. This is it.

    You can do as much or as little of the actual build as you like because like most things it comes down to time vs money vs tastes but rest assured that after taking the class and learning the basics of whats taught there the real deal is on the members side where there are several of these homes being built all across the US and you have access to members who are actually doing this and have done it and will help guide you along the way, and its all free just because you went to the class. The members here are some of the most knowledgeable and friendly as you will ever want to meet and again, they dont gain a single thing by helping people to build their dream except for the fact that they have helped someone
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    Zehnteam, my story is a lot like yours. we both loved log homes. thought the only option was out there was kit homes, but they were all so expensive. there was no way we could afford a log home AND ever be able to retire so I kept dreaming and kept researching on the internet. somehow (God's hand I think) I stumbled on LHBA. and took me about 2 weeks to get my husband on board. part of what helped me do that was the money back guarantee. just a few hours into the first day of class, he was sold. utilizing tools we learned in class, we've saved way more than we ever dreamed we could. and when we're finished with our build, we'll own it free and clear. AND we'll be able to retire when the time comes. we're building both a garage and a cabin using the methods taught in class, and we only build on weekends (and not during the winter) and figure it'll probably take us 5years to finish the 2 buildings. good luck. glad you found us!!

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    I am 68.
    I built a 31 by 31 log home.
    It has amazing thermal properties.
    It was built with out a loan of any kind.
    I have two videos that will help explain the time line...
    see below
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    2011 video
    2006 to 2009 video
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocklock View Post
    I am 68.
    I built a 31 by 31 log home.
    It has amazing thermal properties.
    It was built with out a loan of any kind.
    I have two videos that will help explain the time line...
    see below
    Thanks Rocklock! I watched your video and looked at each one of your pics. I stand in awe of your home. Watching it take form may have overwhelmed me even more, but it has also given me a little hope/perspective. Perhaps the class would help settle my nerves. I do believe that there is power in knowledge. Thank you for sharing!

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    Thanks Blane! We are also a homeschooling family, so this is very encouraging to me! Thanks for sharing your photos!

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    Thank you for the help and pics stressman. Thank you to everyone who posted! You have all been a huge help and very encouraging to me. All I can do now is present all of your help, photos, and information to my husband and hope he feels the same way I do......

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