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Thread: Vertical vs horizontal log homes?

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    Vertical vs horizontal log homes?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Vertical log compared to a horizontal log?


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    Its hard to keep them vertical logs to stay put on a foundation?

    Describe further what you envision as vertical construction.

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    yeah, what they said
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    It's all about strength, ease of constructing, and weather-sealing a home for your family. It is relatively simple for two people to construct a log home that will stand for generations using horizontal logs and the proper techniques.

    While it may seem simple to build with 8' logs, it's really a pain. The real problem is a lack of basic strength at every stage of the build. Once it is all tied together it can be fairly strong but it'll never (in my opinion) approach the stoutness of a LHBA home. Gravity will always want to "rack" each wall of upright logs out of kilter. On the contrary, horizontal logs pinned together with rebar don't fight gravity in the least. They just sit there and age gracefully.

    At first glance it may seem that the ease of obtaining and hauling all those short logs gives that method an advantage but in the long run it ain't so (also my opinion). Long logs are everywhere and truckers are fighting to haul them.

    LHBA has a system that really works and has stood the test of time. The vertical log method (palisade style) is discussed somewhere in the first day of class and it's a discussion that goes fairly quickly.

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    Loghousenut nailed a couple pros and cons.

    Another notable pro is that like Butt and Pass homes, a log home built using vertical logs won't experience settling. That does make some aspects of the build a little easier and less expensive.

    One of the biggest cons with vertical log construction is that the logs tend to rot at the bottom, where the end grain sits on the sill plate. We did a post on our Facebook page that explains this issue in more depth. We also added a gallery of pics to help illustrate exactly why this building method is so prone to water damage

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    Hello, I attended the class in 05-06? I am getting geared up to start after gathering many items. I just happend to come across 120+ 8'-14' White Pine logs for a steal 12"-36" butts... The logger who cut these went out of business "Hmm wonder why?" I know you do not recommend building vertical but with the great find and low cost, I cannot pass it up... I would like your input and the best way to utilize these for my home. A sauna and garden shed are already in the plans as Butt and Pass due to the length...

    Thank you,

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    Sounds like a nice out building to me. Multi use.

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    Or a nice "outhouse"

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    How about using them for some interior first level walls?

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    Come on? Really? If a person was to read the above answer from Ellsworth.... One would think that there is something positive to building with vertical logs. I assume that we are all on the same page here at Log Home Builders to strive for a home we can afford...? I would also imagine that we could use all of what we learned in class to protect the ends of the logs by keeping the ends 2 feet off the ground and long overhangs.. I guess I should have been more clear as to the type of ideas I am looking for. I see a student on the web site here at Log Home Builders used some vertical logs in his beautiful home! I am looking for outside the box thinking using vertical logs and seeing if there is anyone who can speak from actual experience with vertical log building...


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