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Thread: I'm in!!!!!!

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    I'm in!!!!!!

    Well that's it, I signed up for the class! The wife and I are 100 percent ready for the log home life. More importantly we are ready to be mortgage free!!!! We have looked into kits in the past but they wouldn't help us achieve the dream of being mortgage free. I will have $140k in cash for the project and I know lhba is the avenue for us to realize the real American dream. It also may speed up retirement from the F.D. Maybe in 4 yrs. I will be completely debt free and retired at the young age of 46!! See some of you in class in a few weeks.

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    WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You will never, ever be sorry!

    Now, if I may humbly suggest that in preparation for the class read everything that i possible to read on the non member side. Try not to tie yourselves down to a floor plan until after the class. SWEET DREAMS


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    Congradulations! Get ready to buckle down and bring something comfy to rest your butt on, lots of knowledge & after you graduate the best part is becoming a's a family that will take you on your journey........

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    Wow, that's exciting news!!! Congrats to you both Fireman!

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    After no small amount of consideration, I have decided that you are taking the right course of action.

    I advise that you FOR SURE take the Boss with you to class. You both want to attend.

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    fireman! freaking awesome..

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    "Hand Crafted Traditions"

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    You will have no regrets - fine group of people in this community!
    "Where there's a will, there's a way"

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    Greeting from San Francisco Bay Area, Kirk here.... and i am also happy to say " Count me in Too!!!!"
    i will be in the Nov. Class
    just signed up to day, just booked my flight and Hotel, looking forward to meet you all

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    Congrats. Read all you can, don't ask to many questions, they will answer almost every one of them at the right time. Your head will be spinning enough just to keep up with what they are saying. Do right down questions just incase they don't answer them. Have fun. Chime in when you get done, we always are waiting for the newbies response to the class.

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