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    Eco Block is what I used on my House. They have been some of the first to ICF construction, worked well for me . Make sure and talk to pump truck operator, an experienced one has a wealth of knowledge to help you with your pour. He will know the correct concrete slump to use to make a successful pour. Do your pour in 3 layers to allow cement time to harden as you make next pour levels 20 to 30 minutes later will keep a lot of pressure off of icf forms. Use vibrator on every course and your good to go. couple people on the ground to watch for leaks or , God forbid blowouts and one to hold hose in forms and one behind him to run vibrator and wala your stiffed .

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    Next questions. Did those of you who used icf's. 1.) Build entire basement below grade. 2.) If yes did you use footers then float the floor? 3.) Has anyone used icf's for the basement ceiling/home floor? Quad lock has a flooring/roof system of icf's. Looks quite interesting. We'd like to build a completely below grade basement with a concrete ceiling. We'd have a tie in (stairs) to our log home above but want to have a potential storm (or other disaster) shelter below the house that we can potentially close off. Yes we would have a secondary exit. That's another topic. <g> Just trying to brain storm whether to pour a slab and then go icf walls or pour footings, float the floor on the footings with walls. Don't know if I'm using the correct terminology. Don't know if there are benefits of one way or the other. Just asking for feedback. We really like the icf floor/roof. Quad lock is the only icf supplier I've been able to find who are doing the floor/ceiling tie in.

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    I just got a quote of $20k for basement walls and floor so it looks like its icf for me.

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