Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day, OR
July 28-30

EORenew presents the eighth annual SolWest Renewable Energy Fair. Admission includes 50 free workshops on both off-grid and grid-intertied renewable energy (RE) and sustainable living topics. Over fifty exhibitors show tools for energy and lifestyle self-reliance, including solar, wind and agricultural resources. Keynote speakers John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist emphasize the limitless possibilities for powering ???the good life??? with renewable energy. An Electrathon race highlights efficient, lightweight vehicle technology. Cost is $5 per adult per day, with weekend, youth, and senior discounts, volunteers and children under 12 free. Camping is available (free for volunteers).

Info Host: Jennifer Barker
PO Box 485
Canyon City, OR 97820
phone 541-575-3633
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