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  1. Has anyone ever tried the toothpaste / then thick...

    Has anyone ever tried the toothpaste / then thick latex mortar mix after the initial chinking is done? And if so, do you need to use concrete bonding adhesive so it stays put? Can the thick latex...
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    you're right...

    ...this should be in the members' section. But everytime I try to get in it, it shows 0 posts, 0 topics. So why can't I get into it? I used to be able to.
    ps: For us old guys, what's IMO stand...
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    how much rebar on a stemwall?

    My stemwall will be poured sometime in the next couple of weeks. I've looked through the book and my notes, and I only see where to put the rebar in pier blocks, but not in a stemwall. How far apart...
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