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Canceled Land Deal

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It turns out that the property we were about to close on is considered "Zone A - Unstudied" by FEMA. Wasn't sure what that would mean for us, so I started to research it. After discussions with the village zoning guy, and the village engineer we were advised not to make any assumptions and to hire an engineer to map out the present elevations of the land to see how they compared to their "guess" of what the floodplain elevation is. $850 later, the elevations are all way too close for comfort. Unless FEMA comes through and maps out the floodplain at a much lower elevation, we are worried we would get stuck with some crazy high flood insurance once we build. We walked away from the offer unless the seller wanted to get a private FEMA study proving that we could build comfortably above flood zones. They did not wish to do so.

Pretty disappointed, but glad to have this info now instead of later. So the search continues...

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