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Motivated By Fellow Members

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We don't have land yet, but gaining experience while helping other members is our focus in the meanwile. It is so exciting to see up close what others are accomplishing. Almost unreal.

Last month, Jared and I went up to see TJMash. It is one thing to learn about the LHBA building method, but it is another to see this method in progress! We were very impressed with what they've got done (and just the two of them!). I hope we can make it up to help them along the way.

Then, last weekend Jared and my brother Sean and I went to MN to lend a hand and learn about Panderson's build. It is the same as what we hope to do (35x35 with full ICF basement and 3/4 second floor). Got our hands dirty and the feel for some of the processes and equipment. Loved chinking! Wonderful experiences. We look forward to helping them again! Wish we lived closer so we could be there for the roof.

Both couples are amazing people and we feel blessed to become part of this new LHBA family. We are inspired by the "enjoy-the-journey" attitude and the love you share for each other during your adventures. Jared and I are now looking at land in the Racine County, WI area. When we get the land, we can save for one step at a time. Slow and steady and enjoying the ride .

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