summary of 2012 building season

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its cold and snowy and we're happily in the middle of 'resting season'! here's a review of what we got done during the past building season.

on the garage we
cleaned the logs, borated them and stained them
-we used Outlast Q8 (medium gold) for the outside and LOVE it!
got the log walls insulated and the outside chinked
put up the loft floor joists and plywood
bucked the 3 large door openings and put all 3 garage doors up

on the cabin we
stacked all 14 courses of log walls
put up all RPSLs and the RP

we also (and this is by far my favorite) got grass to grow where the all the log beds used to be!!! I'm delighted! I sure missed grass !! used no-mow grass seed (thanks JayK!!).

next year we'll focus on getting the cabin weathered in when the weather's nice. when the weathers not nice we'll put in the garages 2 service doors, frame in the garage's workroom, restroom and the room the compressor will be housed in, as well as sheetrock, mud, sand, etc all those walls we just framed! should be a fun year

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  1. sdart's Avatar
    Congratulations! I hope we get as much done in 2013 (2012 was a washout in terms of the log house, but got a lot done in other areas of life). You guys are really charging forward!
  2. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks Sara. I bet after you've recovered from your busy 2012, you'll ROCK!! enjoy the resting season while it lasts