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Hello all LHBA,

I'm going to make an effort to blog though out my build, seeing as I enjoy looking though other builds and it seems helpful. The last month has been a crazy one for me but I officially own 6.7 acres in Gypsum, Co. It was a foreclosure piece which created a headache every step of the way. I also managed to get a another vehicle and another job and move onto my property all in June. I will be rocking the pop up camper at least tell winter when I hope to have some degree of shelter in a garage.

As far as what we are all here for, I will be building a 35x35 crawl space and the 28' by 28' garage. This property is far from striaght forward as it has many hills and I would like to put my building site towards the rear of the lot. Im going to attempt to have all my permits in by the end of July but with how things have been spinning I may just work on insulating the pop up for winter. Ha.

As far as the areas I can control in the build, I have located logs on a property that need cleared. They are lodgepole pine and are as big as lodgepoles get, most being 18 - 24". There are about 200 for my felling pleasure. Also I scored all my windows today as well as 4 doors. According to the seller these windows retailed at 110,000 when purchaced 5 years ago. He claims he has the receipt so it will be a delight to see since I picked them up for 3500.

I purchased property in a very high end county(eagle) which is going to translate into me doing alot more of this build then the log home. I will be spending many hours excavating the driveway and a flat building envelope. The excavation for the foundation will be by far the most straight forward portion. It also looks at this time as though I will be getting septic system "Installer licence" and doing this part as well. Time will tell but as I begin to crunch numbers it looks like im going to have to save in all areas I can.

Im going to attempt to post Pic of the land on here and see how it goes. I am new to the blogging as well as the building so any and all comments, questions, concerns, Ect. are welcome. I am sure the questions will start flying in all directions towards LHBA members and am very grateful for a community such as this one.

Thats all for now.

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  1. panderson03's Avatar
    well it looks like you're on your way! congrats on the land purchase AND the window score!!! beautiful pic's
  2. chazers18's Avatar
    Love the land views, nice on the window score.

    i took a trip out to backcountry CO, you need a set to live out there.