The Land Search is on!

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So we stumbled on the LHBA website in Jan. 2011, fell in love, formulated a dream, and on Labor Day weekend 2011 we became official members of the LHBA!

We know this is what we want to do; both my husband and I have always said we would love to have a log home "someday". But to even get this dream off the ground we will need land. Land....seems simple enough, right? No. Actually there is a lot to think about. Every county has its own building permits, requirements, and costs. They all have different topography, climates, social culture, etc. Each property has its own features and/or improvements needed to live on. Some have utilities, some have none. And will I have any neighbors....even within 1/2 mile??

Building permit & building preparation costs can vary wildly from county to county. It is far too expensive for us to build in our current county. So how does one decide on a place to buy land when you haven't really ever ventured far from home? The short answer is, I don't know. The long-ish answer is to just do lots of research! I have gone from knowing pretty much nothing, to knowing quite a bit about the costs involved to get permits, the climate & land features, property features and nearby towns. And although CA still seems to dominate the list of "most expensive place to build", there are some that might still work in our income range.

We are currently focusing our search in Butte County, CA. It is about 3-1/2 hours North of where we live now. Land in the lower mountain areas are within a 30-60 minute drive from a major freeway, Lake Oroville and the large town of Chico. Accessibility, recreation, and job opportunities! Now we just need to visit, as I have never been to the area, although I've always heard it's very nice!

PS - If you're also without land and plan to buy some someday, I highly advise the book "Finding and Buying Your Place in the County" by Les & Carol Scher.

Keep us in your thoughts & prayers, and we are both eager to hear others' tales of finding land and making their dream happen!

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  1. Strongbow's Avatar
    I'm in the same position right now. I don't know what I need or want, but I'm looking. I haven't read the book yet, and I have no money to buy land with. What I do have is a dream and more will power than I know what to do with. Thank you for posting this. I'm going to pick up the book from the library, today.
  2. Rowley's Avatar
    I know how you feel. I just finally found my land and now everything I had stored in my head has changed because of the lot has its own characteristics which totally blew my vision out of the water. And that's ok by me. Colorado land in not cheap and I still managed to score a nice lot on a moutainside overlooking a small town and near the Air Force Academy where I can use my veterans benefits.

    Keep the faith you will find your land. Perservenace pays off. Mine was a good buy as the broker indicated no water on the property but my father and I dowsed for water and found a source. Also there is a plugged natural gas well on the property as well.

    Good luck and happy hunting
  3. dana riewestahl's Avatar
    hopes and dreams will get you there good things take time and patience,i'm 35 yearsold and have wanted a log home all my life after attending class in march im more confident then ever.i purchased 80 acres in northern wisconsin ayear and half ago and if all goes well im on a 4 year plan till completion.just keep dreaming