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Updated 08-08-2013 at 05:14 PM by Mosseyme

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  1. JeffandSara's Avatar
    Wow, Mosseyme--
    Gorgeous property. Love your cabin site, and envy you the dogwood and bluets.
    Looks like heavy work. Be careful out there.
    Best-- Sara : )
  2. Mosseyme's Avatar
    Thanks Sara:
    Yes right now the early ground flowers are putting on a show with bluets, trillium, violets, buttercups, wild iris, ground myrtle and many more everywhere. I just have to close my eyes and move on and not think about what I'm stepping on. It helps to know that wherever we have worked and torn up with the logging before just comes back with more and more flowers and ferns. The azaleas are just starting and the rhododendron and mountain laurel will be next. All quiet beautiful. We feel very blessed that some people didn't want to keep paying taxes on the mountain land that grandpa left to them.
  3. JeffandSara's Avatar
    Ah, Mosseyme--

    That's the beauty of living in a moist climate. : ) Where we are, disturbed areas of flora usually take a long time to recover. Do you ever get berries in the logged areas? In New England, logged areas often end up being the best raspberry brambles.

    Enjoy those azaleas, rhodos and laurels! Sounds like you really were fortunate in picking up that land.
  4. Mosseyme's Avatar
    Yes we do get some raspberries and blackberries in the cut over area, however right now it seems like it is Sweet shrub that is coming up everywhere especially under the hardwoods. We do have to watch out for the wild grapevines because they will take over everywhere and start killing the hardwoods. We had 5 or 6 years of near draught conditions before the last 2 years of more normal rain so we had a lot of underbrush die off and then of course the Hemlocks have pretty much been decimated in the last 3 years so the forest is much more open than when we bought it. Therefore we are getting more and more of the flowers and vines at this point. Changes just keep taking place even if we weren't doing this. Tell me about your place.
  5. Mosseyme's Avatar
    A few new pictures that show why it is taking us so long to get through with this logging thing. There are still about 15 more big trees we need to get down along this creek and it is slow going. We can't seem to get more that 2 or sometimes 3 trees down in a day. By the time we do the set up, fell the tree, limb it, remove the brush a 1/4 mile up the mountain to the burn area, buck and pull the logs out, drag them a 1/4 mile to the log racks we have spent a lot of time, and did I mention we are old!! OK shut up LHN, I'm just going to whine every now and then! LOL
  6. Mosseyme's Avatar
    Well, it is just me out at the mountain this week. Gary had to make a last minute trip so he is in Jackson Hole for a seminar and I am here treating logs and peeling logs. Left the tractor at home, thought I would be less likely to get myself into a pickle. Spent a couple of hours getting a setup in the creek to get water to the log racks so I can mix treatment without carrying buckets from the creek. I am still thinking about scrubbing them down with bleach water before the borates to kill some of the mold, we'll see how far I get with that. Keeping my little 357 dog that barks over here and bites over there handy, being in the middle of nowhere alone. A plane crashed within miles of here last week all 4 killed, now another one is missing in the mountains a little south of here, what is going on.