Past time for the first blog post!

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A little late on starting our blog, but better late than never, right? My husband, Shawn, and I have dreamed of living in a log home since we can both remember! As children, we dreamed of that lakeside cabin out in the sticks. Never did we think it would be built by our own hands though. We are excited to start this journey, and so glad that we are going to be able to do so with the support of such a great family as the LHBA!

As of right now, we are planning a simple 30x30 cabin with a loft area to give us a couple extra rooms and an extra bathroom area. We plan on a frost protected shallow foundation, and a simple 6:12 metal roof. Of course, as you all know, this could all change by the time it's all said and done. After all, we have already gone through the idea of the FPSF, then piers, then crawlspace, then basement, just to come back to the FPSF, so who knows?

So, just to get everyone on board with where we are at currently, in the past month, we have purchased 7.5 acres of now-retired corn field in southern Michigan, had our address assigned, and field plowed to break down the corn stalks.

Shawn spent yesterday evening with a 4wheeler and cattle panels trying to level the corn rows out some more while my daughter and I started trying to "map out" our home site and set the batter boards for the build! I'm not sure when we will actually be able to start building, but we can finally see our dream within our reach! I am still working on our pricing list for the house build-after all, when trying to pay cash to build a home, you kinda need to know a round about amount of how much you will need to complete it!

Today, we are hopefully going to be able to finish setting the batter boards and string, as well as get the driveway area prepped and finish the leveling and seeding of the field!

Our logs are supposed to start being cut next Tuesday, so I feel we are making some pretty decent progress!! Now, we just need to get the septic and well permit processes started, and then we can move on to the building permit if our pricing list allows for us to actually build this year!

More later!

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  1. donjuedo's Avatar
    Off to a good start.