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While our resurrected log search continues, I did get some good news this morning from our building inspector and plans draftsman (draftswoman?). Since we are starting with our garage first I was worried that it might not be allowed as the county that we reside in doesn't allow separated structure's to be built prior to the main residence, however, we're building one county over so I made the call this morning. Amazing what a few miles difference makes. Not only can we build the garage without having to start the house right away, but we don't even need to have "stamped" or certified plans to do so. We have to get a land use permit with a general sketch and footprint and then that's sent over to the BI and he issues a build permit off of that. Stairs and whatnot still have to be up to code, but that's as hard as it gets. In addition, I also found out that (at least here in WI) we don't need a certified architect or draftsman to sign off on plans as long as it's a residential building. So we are basically all set to go with the exception of getting the darn logs.

On the log front, I've found that having a previously agreed upon price with a logger really greases the wheels when talking with other loggers that want the business. Not only has the weather really set us back with the weight limits now on the roads, it's also preventing the loggers from getting into the forests due to the soft and muddy conditions. We've found a local guy that said he'll match the price and get us white pine, but he doesn't think he's going to be able to get his equipment in for at least a month, and that's probably going to take much longer than that based on the weather forecasts. Another fellow a ways up north said he can cut the logs now, but won't be able to deliver them until the weight limits are gone (couple months at least), so it's kind of a catch 22. Winter cut logs that have been sitting for months, or spring cut logs that I can get as soon as their cut. I'm opting for the latter since he's local and I will have more control over how the logs are handled after they're cut. Just wish I could solidify an agreement so I could sleep better at night.

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