Excavator vs. glacial boulders

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28SEP16: Excavator arrived today to start clearing the boulders from the future site. Main goal is to get driveway, log yard and house & garage site cleared up. Our site is unique in that in sits exactly where the Lomira and Green Bay glacial lobes collided. This means boulders, and lots of them. We decided to use the boulders about 10 yards in from the roadway as a tall wall for privacy and noise blocking. Turns out we will have more than enough for a 8' tall by about 500' wall. Not sure what we're going to do with the rest of them. House site will sit a good 600 feet from the road on a slight slope. Spent most of my time watching the excavator work today as it's amazing to watch someone talented at their craft. I've run equipment before but nothing like this guy. Here's few photos from today:

Wonder if these are big enough to make LHN happy?

Big rocks:

Future site photos:

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  1. panderson03's Avatar
    wow. that's a lot of rocks! clean them up and sell them. anyone wanting distinctive rocks in their yards pay a pretty penny