garage build summary

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at the request of a fellow LHBA-er, I'm summarizing the garage build

site clearing

volunteer log peelers

garage frost wall

more garage logs

girder, RPSLs, RP


clean logs

post staining; first row of chinking

putting up rafters

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  1. More corners's Avatar
    Awesome job! I noticed the ICF's on the bottom. Can you help me understand? Is that to insulate the slab better so that it is not as susceptible to cracking with the temp changes??? Or just an easy way to make the footers? Trying to learn, understand as much as I can~~Thank you!
  2. panderson03's Avatar
    hi there, more corners.
    ICf allowed us to simply and easily erect the walls ourselves (for the garage frost wall and the cabin's walk out basement). we chose 8" core of cement, though they have 10" as well. and there is 2.5 inches of insulation on the inside and outside which makes heating more efficient.

    we used Fox Blocks because the local big box store carried them and we could easily get more if we initially under estimated

    I hope this helps
  3. travman's Avatar
    Awesome! Is there a reason for only one garage door? And what are you planning a loft? Always liked the idea of a Loft apartment above the garage.

    Very cool to see your progress.
  4. panderson03's Avatar
    hello Travman. there's only one garage door on the east side. there are 2 more on the north side thanks
  5. Nick's Avatar
    These are awesome! Do you have any inside finished pictures?
  6. mudflap's Avatar
    This looks very straightforward. Thanks for posting!
  7. pip1972's Avatar
    Not to sound to much like a newbie. Where are you located in mi? How big was your garage and who developed plans and prints for it? Did you get them from lhba? Did you pour a footing or is it all ICF on a rock base? 42 inch depth? I've heard some have incorporated PEX into slabs for radiant heating. Is this an option in a garage and did you do that? You pour the slab after the roof was on?


    Building in the Standish area.