2016 plans

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wow. REALLY looking forward to this years building season! spring fever and cabin fever converging!
-last year we finished the roof,
-started framing in the gable ends,
-put in black water pipe from the garage to the septic tank,
-bought half the window's we'll need,
-got the log walls cleaned/borated/stained,
-got more than half of the structure chinked.

this year we plan to
-pour basement cement slap
-pour cement footers for porch/deck posts
-finish framing in gable ends
-seed bare dirt between garage and septic tank
-finish chinking
-close up envelope by installing external windows and doors

we'll see how it all plays out!

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  1. rockinlog's Avatar
    get 'er done! looking forward to seeing your progress and be safe!
  2. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks very much, Rockinlog
    we will definitely have to keep safety in mind. it was easy to remember to be safe when we were doing the roof work. now that we're on the ground (for the most part) we'll have to remember its just as important to stay safe on the ground!!
    happy building
  3. mudflap's Avatar
    Awesome. good luck to you.
  4. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks, mudflap. we're just glad to have it under roof. the rest will happen of that I'm sure