July 1st update

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had the week off work and got some work done on the cabin.
got the logs cleaned, did final borate ( ) and started staining the outside. got a moisture meter to be sure our logs were dry enough for the stain. thank goodness the weather cooperated!

here's a pic from the NW corner
the north side is on the left. that wall is cleaned but not stained
the west side is on the right. stained it with Outlast Q8 medium gold

here's a pic from the SE corner
all nice and stained

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  1. Mosseyme's Avatar
    Looking great you guys.
  2. Mosseyme's Avatar
    How long is the overhang on your dormer. I am a little concerned about the length of ours due to a 2/12 pitch on the dormer.
  3. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks Cindy our dormer roof is 3/12 pitch and 26ft long
  4. slamasha's Avatar
    Looks beautiful.
  5. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks very much Slamasha