starting the 2015 building season

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we've been going back up the build for a few weeks now.

working on closing in the triangle sides of the shed dormers, then will get the metal roof on.

the roof looks great after spending 6 months covered with titanium. so glad we were able to get that step done before snow fall!

after the dormer triangles and metal roof we hope to
-pour cement floor in basement (with PEX for in floor heat!)
-do final grade
-build main floor and loft decks
-sand blast, final borate (love the sound of that!!), stain logs
-chinking insulation, chinking nails, chink exterior and interior
-frame in and close up gable ends
-cut, frame and install windows
-cut, frame and install doors

if we can manage all that, we'll be able to heat it over the winter and continue moving forward in the cold months.

we'll see how it goes

Happy building
work safe!

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  1. rockinlog's Avatar
    Ill bet you guys are glad to be back at it! probably a dumb question but what's the titanium for? is it what the name implies or something else? lol be safe and get that thing done!!
  2. slamasha's Avatar
    Sounds like a lot to be done! Stay safe and focused.
  3. panderson03's Avatar
    hey there Rockinlog. titanium is an alternative to builders felt. its fabulous!!! google it
    Slamasha, thanks very much. it sounds like a lot to us to but if we didn't have goals, we'd never get anywhere might not get even half that done. but even then, we'd be further ahead than we used to be