cabin roof

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got titanium on the cabin roof last weekend. WOW. what a relief! working on framing in and closing up the dormer sides now. then we can put up the metal roof. if we DON'T get to the metal roof this season, I'm comfortable that the build is protected for the winter. what a relief will post pics soon.

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  1. slamasha's Avatar
    Congrats! Good luck with closing the cabin for the winter!
  2. Mosseyme's Avatar
    Great guys, I hope you get metal, I know we won't but covered is good.
  3. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks Slamasha! thanks Mossey! you've got that right; covered is good
    all in good time!
  4. panderson03's Avatar
    pic of the cabin roof. got 3 rows of snow and ice guard at the end and normal titanium the rest of the way up the roof
    Updated 11-01-2014 at 07:53 PM by panderson03
  5. slamasha's Avatar
    Woo-hoo! What a view!
  6. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks Slamasha it IS lovely. we can only get this view from way up in the tele. that's the garage roof in the foreground.too bad its not the view we'll have from the deck off the loft but with a little judicious tree trimming that view should be nice too!
  7. Upers's Avatar
    Great progress!! got snow this weekend? That is a really nice view and great lot!
  8. panderson03's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Upers
    Great progress!! got snow this weekend? That is a really nice view and great lot!
    thanks Pat. wish we had the metal on like you do, though! no snow on the ground up there yet. its snowed a few times already but warmed up enough to quickly melt thank goodness. how about you? got snow?
  9. Upers's Avatar
    it was in low 60s two weeks ago when we were up there - the whole family! low's in the teens next week - probably won't get back up there for a while...

    you have gotten sooo much done! Congrats!
  10. sdart's Avatar
    Congratulations! I know what you mean about the view-- our best view is from up on top of the roof, a view we're not going to have any more once the metal is on.
  11. panderson03's Avatar
    for sure!! how's YOUR roof coming?
  12. rockinlog's Avatar
    wow looking good panderson!
  13. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks Rockin when will you be starting yours?
  14. rockinlog's Avatar
    hey panderson! well not exactly sure hopefully in the next year or two but im trying to do this the way people say to and so i havent even bought land yet and not sure where i want to buy i have a few places in mind but am waiting till after class and hopefully ill have a better sesnse of where i want to buy and know what to look for and what to stay away from your place and views are awesome!!
  15. panderson03's Avatar
    thanks we got lucky. we already had the land before we took the class. were researching Kit homes when we stumbled onto LHBA! so glad we did!
    class will give you tips on what kind of property to buy to make building easier and cheaper.
  16. rockinlog's Avatar
    same thing happened to me looking at log home kits and stumbled upon the lhba site and im hoping to get into the feb class and get this show on the road!