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  1. Getting ready for Spring


    Been a while it seems since last activity, but winter in WI isn't real conducive to getting outdoor work done. Time to shit or get of the pot now as they say. So here's our recent activity and timeline:

    Logger called last week and hopes to have the logs delivered this coming month. Real helpful guy. He was able to answer my questions about the log yard set-up also. I need to get at least 3 sacrificial trees cut down and dragged into place to put the logs ...
  2. Dealing with our utilities company

  3. On the edge of change....

  4. our model

    Ok, here it is: our model for a 40x40 . Logs are made out of strips of grocery store paper bags, spiraled and glued so they match the taper of our real logs. Scale is 1/4" = 1 foot. The white walls in the photos are about 9" thick when they should really be about 5"-6" thick, but everything else is pretty darn close to scale.

    It's not done- still missing the wrap around porch, the pier foundation, the roof with the sleepers, the stove pipe top, a piano with 88 ...
  5. Ready for logs

    27NOV16: We're finally ready to receive our logs. Wow, what a lot of work! Site is 95% cleared and ready. Here's my best before and after pictures:



    The telehandler was key as it allowed me to drag/pick-up the trees the ...
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