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  1. Houston- we have liftoff

  2. finishing foundation, getting ready to install lifting poles

    Hey people-
    new blog post.

    Ronnie commented that my concrete didn't have enough water in it, thus the bumpy appearance. I thought it looked a little dry when they were pouring it, but I didn't know enough about concrete to say anything. Anyway, enjoy:
  3. Log Peeling continued


    I always believed everyone when they said to take your estimated times and double or triple them, but that advice is really hitting home now. We had hoped to get logs peeled before Summer and at least pour the foundation for the garage and lay a few logs. At this point, barring some unforseen miracle, that's just not going to happen. Log peeling is taking longer than I had hoped, the telehandler needed to go into the shop twice, and my sales commissions for this year have ...
  4. Even more committed

    Hi everyone-

    Just wrote about my weekend- we poured concrete! I'm so dead from all the work now....Here's the link:
  5. Past time for the first blog post!

    A little late on starting our blog, but better late than never, right? My husband, Shawn, and I have dreamed of living in a log home since we can both remember! As children, we dreamed of that lakeside cabin out in the sticks. Never did we think it would be built by our own hands though. We are excited to start this journey, and so glad that we are going to be able to do so with the support of such a great family as the LHBA!

    As of right now, we are planning a simple 30x30 cabin ...
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