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  1. Every log home needs a wood burning stove

    Hi everybody, it's my latest blog entry:

    Picked up this beautiful stove from the former Harp and string pub in Nashville, TN for $125! Enjoy!
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  2. Update on schedule for rest of 2016

  3. tapered and crooked logs

    Hi everyone- just made a new post:

    talking about crooked logs and stuff. I think it will all work out. Thanks for all the helpful advice!
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  4. Trees & Telehandler

    18OCT16: Big developments this week! Finally found an affordable tele-handler not overly far from us and also committed to the trees for our garage build in Spring. After watching the auction sites for months, I found an older Lull 644-TT-34 Highlander II listed for 12K on Craigslist with a lot of maintenance and repairs already finished. Haggled over the phone for a couple days and got him down to 9k. Brother-in-law has CDL and we're renting his company's truck for 1k to go and get it this ...
  5. New post: drawing our own plans

    Hi, guys and gals:

    published a new post (kinda working on two right now- the next one will be talking about our crooked logs- thank you to everyone for helping me understand the crooked log issue and how to use them efficiently- your support is invaluable).

    Anyway, the new post is here:

    password is as usual: ABCD1234
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