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  2. Surprising good news


    While our resurrected log search continues, I did get some good news this morning from our building inspector and plans draftsman (draftswoman?). Since we are starting with our garage first I was worried that it might not be allowed as the county that we reside in doesn't allow separated structure's to be built prior to the main residence, however, we're building one county over so I made the call this morning. Amazing what a few miles difference makes. Not only can we ...
  3. Stuck in the Mud

    I've got a new blog post up:

    I'll add another one soon- staking out the corners of my build this week. Truck is still not fixed. about to give up. Spraying fuel from somewhere under the intake manifold. "Spraying" is a little strong- more like "misting". I've taken the manifold off 4 times this week trying to find the leak, and thinking each time that I've found it.
  4. Disaster then hope


    Wow, the last few days have yielded a series of severe ups and downs. Just finished the LHBA log home class for my second time and it was a great decision to go again. Thought I'd be a little bored listening to it all over again but Steve and Ellsworth did a great job as usual and I still learned a lot that I didn't catch in the first class.

    The last conversation I had with my logger prior to flying out to Vegas was the logs would be cut and delivered before ...
  5. Getting ready for Spring


    Been a while it seems since last activity, but winter in WI isn't real conducive to getting outdoor work done. Time to shit or get of the pot now as they say. So here's our recent activity and timeline:

    Logger called last week and hopes to have the logs delivered this coming month. Real helpful guy. He was able to answer my questions about the log yard set-up also. I need to get at least 3 sacrificial trees cut down and dragged into place to put the logs ...
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