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  1. bird blocks & replacing a wall log

    crap. I forgot to post this last week. Cat's outta the bag: I started the roof. 'Moron' that later....

    Still- you may like this- I cut out an entire log that went bad and replace it. cool photos of the east wall just hanging there with a big gap in it.
  2. How to make your own triple blocks for less than $45

    Hi guys & gals-

    we're in the middle of the 4th course (it's been raining a lot here for the past month, so progress has been slow), thought I'd share how I made some triple blocks for pretty cheap. And they work pretty good, too- just lifted a log that was 6' 5" around at the base and 50+ feet long- I put my homemade triples on the heavy end, and they didn't complain. worked better than the "#6" mediums I had on the light end.