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  1. Wanting to help build in western wa

    Hello Fellow Log House enthusiasts.

    I would like to volunteer my skills as a carpenter/Handyman and 2017 graduate of the Vegas Class, to anyone building a log house north of Seattle (Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom Counties) I have experience in building with logs in the B and P style.

    I have tools. Would like to meet up with others that are building in Western WA and those that have taken the class.
    Feel free to ask me more.
    Thank you
  2. RPSL's installed

    RPSL's are in place! yay!

    talked to the neighbor last night- she's letting me get about a dozen more trees from her property for use as rafters. I'm bringing her stuffed-shell lasagna. She says it's a fair trade.
  3. Cap logs installed!

    Hi people- new blog post, talking about cap logs.

    Enjoyed the visitors- sdart & Mosseyme recently. Really felt encouraged.
  4. I'm back on WordPress

    I explain why I came back to WordPress.

    Also - we are getting close to finishing the walls...
  5. sometimes you work alone

    I made this blog post, but don't have any photos to go with it. However, it is descriptive of the process of setting logs with lifting poles, if that kind of stuff interests you:
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