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  1. 5 days brushing = near death

    19SEP16: So a good friend of mine that runs a landscaping outfit offered the free use of his wood chipper and mini-excavator for five days. I had been dreading the necessary brushing job that needed to be done, but couldn't pass it up. 5 days later we had successfully cleared about 3 acres of solid popple and blackberry's. Main tool was a commercial grade brush cutter with a chipper blade. Today I can barely get out of bed. I'd post pics but can't seem to figure out why it won't let me. The ...

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  2. Stuff Breaks

  3. Promises, promises....

    12SEP16: As usual, my "hoped" for schedule for this weekend at the land didn't plan out as originally thought. Found out at last minute that my youngest had a CC meet out of town, and since I never miss a race, I altered our clearing plans and spent the rest of the day after the race with a GPS and compass flagging our boundaries so the logger can see where he's allowed to cut. Had to wade through 40 acres of full grown blackberries to find 100 year old barb wire which only showed itself ...
  4. Address & Driveway

    07SEP16: After a little run around about who is supposed to do what, we received our temporary address today - Yay! Now I have to meet with the local township's "driveway guy" to get his approval on the location of the future driveway. Hopefully this weekend I can rent another bulldozer/mini-excavator to start clearing some land for our future garage and make room for the logs.
  5. more pics

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    will find a pic of north small enough to upload here.
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