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  1. Rain, Rain, Go Away

  2. Got LOGS !!!!


    Finally. Our log dilemma has been solved. After calling every source I could track down, I decided it was best to really try hard and convince my local guy (logger/mill a few miles away) to work with us. Every other place I called kept referring me back to his company. All of the locals speak extremely highly of the business and owners, so they have a real solid reputation. He finally agreed to meet with me on Sunday at a local pine stand he was clear-cutting. He wasn't ...
  3. Log craziness


    Seriously about ready to kill someone or something. Anything. Haven't been this frustrated in can't remember when. STILL trying to nail down a log supplier and just spent the whole afternoon with follow up phone calls to potential suppliers. Three guys now have told me they can help at a good price only to back out when I wanted to get a firm date or give them a down payment. Just got off the phone with the local guy that said he could help me out last month, but now ...
  4. Site Layout

  5. Surprising good news


    While our resurrected log search continues, I did get some good news this morning from our building inspector and plans draftsman (draftswoman?). Since we are starting with our garage first I was worried that it might not be allowed as the county that we reside in doesn't allow separated structure's to be built prior to the main residence, however, we're building one county over so I made the call this morning. Amazing what a few miles difference makes. Not only can we ...
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