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  1. Continuing the prep work at the homestead

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ID:	2430We have the road in now and have started the house pad.
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  2. DIY Logging... Engage!

    In the 2 day LHBA Class, Ellsworth made it clear that in the approach being taught, we trade our hard work and labor for the cash we would have spent on contractors. That being stated, I put my plan to action this weekend and went out logging.

    Previously I proposed that I could use the fire-killed trees on my family's land and use my own tools and equipment to log and skid. I bought a 50CC Craftsman chainsaw almost 3 months ago but never fired it up because my son had lost my gas ...

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  3. First Steps to our future home

    We are finally getting somewhere! We closed on the property in February with approximately 21 acres of which about 7 is pasture for the horses. Today really feels like the start to our log home journey. Met with the guy that cut the road into our property. He did a great job!

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  4. Cost to build, building costs by the numbers!

    I've been wanting to do this for some time, just couldn't find the time. We decided to sell the 40 acre farm and move back to Pagosa Springs. With a closing date of 5/15 I wanted to know what I really have into the home. I figured this would help someone somewhere but understand there are soooo many variables to this. Pick out what helps or doesn' goes:

    Size = 35x35 2-story, engineered roof, with a finished back porch.

    Total cost = $89,250

    PRE ...
  5. Snow

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