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  1. builders' websites

    Hello everyone- I'm a new member and hope to build within a few years. When I first came on the forum I thought I saw a spot that would list members' websites, but now can't find it for the life of me. Am I crazy or does this place exist?
  2. Our Offer on Land!

    by , 08-09-2013 at 06:06 AM (Nothing Worthwhile is Easy)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kara View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by panderson03 View Post
    take pictures Kara! can't wait to hear about what you saw.
    It was beautiful! We can picture the perfect place for our homestead on this property. Nestled between 3 Bur Oaks up on a hill overlooking Eagle Creek. We will see how it goes and will keep you posted! Here are some pictures...

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  3. Motivated By Fellow Members

    by , 07-30-2013 at 10:38 AM (Nothing Worthwhile is Easy)
    We don't have land yet, but gaining experience while helping other members is our focus in the meanwile. It is so exciting to see up close what others are accomplishing. Almost unreal.

    Last month, Jared and I went up to see TJMash. It is one thing to learn about the LHBA building method, but it is another to see this method in progress! We were very impressed with what they've got done (and just the two of them!). I hope we can make it up to help them along the way.

  4. Mid season update

    Over the winter I spent my time planning what I wanted to accomplish this year. It takes a lot of pre-planning to make the most efficient use of time since our place is so far from anywhere to get supplies (aka - stuff I forgot). A trip to the little hardware store takes about an hour, if I have to go into Spokane then I'm wasting about half a day.

    Last year we got poles set for a 24 x 36 pole building and my goal this year is to get it roofed and get one 12 x 24 section walled ...

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  5. Have a blog up!

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