The Peterson families journey to building a log cabin!

We are a Christian family with 3 little boys! The class was taken in 2005, and shortly after we purchased land. We are just now starting our journey into building. Here is where the blog starts.

  1. Site picked, logs picked!

    by , 10-10-2011 at 12:59 PM (The Peterson families journey to building a log cabin!)
    Well, we have finally decided on a site to build our starter cabin. We already have the driveway in, so that helps. The starter cabin will just possibly be 12 by 16. We have the trees marked as well, which are actually decent size, bigger than we expected. This is why the starter cabin has gone up a bit in size. We won't know the actual size until after the trees are cut. For the starter we are just using the cedar trees on our property. For the actual house, we will be purchasing most likely ...