1. Snow

  2. Other stuff outta the way...

    Managed to get some other stuff done around the farm in the dark last night, so now I'm ready to cut off the rest of the stumps in the build site and do some final brush hoggin' before I remove the top layer of leaves and stuff. After reading up to page 20 of rreidnauer's Liberty Acres thread and realizing that there's no doubt I'm seriously in over my head, I'm going to stick close to the LHBA plan and build smaller and taller. That's quite a build, rreidnauer!
  3. Shopping

    Black Friday shopping at HF. Now, that's progress.
  4. 40'X40' layout issues

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    I finally found my 3-floor 40X40 layout from a few years ago. I like it but I see some issues--what you you see?

    1. Plumbing doesn't line up floor-to-floor, but there are no wet 'walls' (no plumbing touching log walls).
    2. Kitchen triangle (stove/oven, fridge, sink) is jacked up--fridge needs to move over next to the mud room door.
    3. No way to get to the third-floor staircase!
  5. Clearing continues.

    Tammy and Nathan helped clear as I ran he chainsaw today. Haley got out of it this weekend--she's at a friend's house.

    We've now got a nice clearing, or at least a nice open area where the sun is shining in. I've chopped everything up pretty small within the clearing so now I can get the tractor in there and push stuff around, cut more firewood out of the big stuff, and continue cutting here and there along the newest driveway.

    Someone tried to breach our main gate ...
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