1. prep for chinking

    to prep the logs of our 35x35 for chinking we had to clean the logs, borate them and stain them

    we'd talked about cob blasting the logs to clean them but it turned out our compressor was not strong enough to move the cob fast enough to do a good job. so we powerwashed the logs instead (and are selling the cob on CL )

    we used a 3750 PSI powerwasher which worked great til the pump died. while we waited til the new pump arrived, we rented a 4000 PSI one.

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  2. July 1st update

    had the week off work and got some work done on the cabin.
    got the logs cleaned, did final borate ( ) and started staining the outside. got a moisture meter to be sure our logs were dry enough for the stain. thank goodness the weather cooperated!

    here's a pic from the NW corner
    the north side is on the left. that wall is cleaned but not stained
    the west side is on the right. stained it with Outlast Q8 medium gold

  3. starting the 2015 building season

    we've been going back up the build for a few weeks now.

    working on closing in the triangle sides of the shed dormers, then will get the metal roof on.

    the roof looks great after spending 6 months covered with titanium. so glad we were able to get that step done before snow fall!

    after the dormer triangles and metal roof we hope to
    -pour cement floor in basement (with PEX for in floor heat!)
    -do final grade
    -build ...
  4. cabin roof

    got titanium on the cabin roof last weekend. WOW. what a relief! working on framing in and closing up the dormer sides now. then we can put up the metal roof. if we DON'T get to the metal roof this season, I'm comfortable that the build is protected for the winter. what a relief will post pics soon.
  5. summary of 2012 building season

    its cold and snowy and we're happily in the middle of 'resting season'! here's a review of what we got done during the past building season.

    on the garage we
    cleaned the logs, borated them and stained them
    -we used Outlast Q8 (medium gold) for the outside and LOVE it!
    got the log walls insulated and the outside chinked
    put up the loft floor joists and plywood
    bucked the 3 large door openings and put all 3 garage doors up
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