1. 2016 update

    we're half way through the 2016 building season.

    the grass seed we spread is growing well
    we've been working on finishing chinking; have 23 rows left to chink
    we have 3/4 of the loft floor joists up; we hope to finish next week
    we intend to rent a tele for the month of August to frame side the dormer and gable ends and install all windows and doors on the top floor and also cut out, buck and install all the rest of the exterior windows and doors.

  2. garage build summary

    at the request of a fellow LHBA-er, I'm summarizing the garage build

    site clearing

    volunteer log peelers

    garage frost wall

    more garage logs
  3. 2016 plans

    wow. REALLY looking forward to this years building season! spring fever and cabin fever converging!
    -last year we finished the roof,
    -started framing in the gable ends,
    -put in black water pipe from the garage to the septic tank,
    -bought half the window's we'll need,
    -got the log walls cleaned/borated/stained,
    -got more than half of the structure chinked.

    this year we plan to
    -pour basement ...
  4. change in plans

    we have the logs cleaned/borated/stained. got chinking insulation done and 6 of the 8 (4 interior/4 exterior) walls nailed.
    but rather than quickly finishing prep and moving on to chinking, we've decided to close up the gable ends (while we still have the rented tele) and chink when we have some spare time (like when its been raining and is too muddy to use the tele).

    got the west bottom plates (2 layers of treated 2x10's) down on the west side. have to figure out exactly what ...
  5. Chinking update

    were able to finish staining the cabin!

    started placing chinking nails done (got one exterior done. took 10 man-hours to do the whole wall.
    also got started with insulation. one wall took 3 man-hours.

    will keep moving forward.
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