1. RPSL's installed

    RPSL's are in place! yay!

    talked to the neighbor last night- she's letting me get about a dozen more trees from her property for use as rafters. I'm bringing her stuffed-shell lasagna. She says it's a fair trade.
  2. sometimes you work alone

    I made this blog post, but don't have any photos to go with it. However, it is descriptive of the process of setting logs with lifting poles, if that kind of stuff interests you:
  3. Up to the 4th course

    Hey people, posted a new blog- we're up to the 4th course- my wife made a video of us lifting log #16.
  4. How to make your own triple blocks for less than $45

    Hi guys & gals-

    we're in the middle of the 4th course (it's been raining a lot here for the past month, so progress has been slow), thought I'd share how I made some triple blocks for pretty cheap. And they work pretty good, too- just lifted a log that was 6' 5" around at the base and 50+ feet long- I put my homemade triples on the heavy end, and they didn't complain. worked better than the "#6" mediums I had on the light end.

  5. 1st layer done

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