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  1. mudflap's Avatar
    Oh, and I got banned from the forestry forum for this post (above) on my blog. neat. Oh well. To be honest, I think you guys know more about sawmills anyway.....
  2. mudflap's Avatar
    Thank you. yes. We are hoping to.
  3. GinaC's Avatar
    Eight logs left -- so exciting! Are you doing a full size wall on the second floor?
  4. donjuedo's Avatar
    I like how you think, Mudflap!
  5. mudflap's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by donjuedo
    You write very well. I notice that every time you post.

    thank you. I figure maybe I can prevent some heartache for someone else and maybe have fun writing about it.
  6. donjuedo's Avatar
    You write very well. I notice that every time you post.

  7. panderson03's Avatar
    cool! will check it out. thanks
  8. kristenhopf's Avatar
    Awesome that you're blogging your experience! If you need any tips, feel free to check out [url][/url]
  9. donjuedo's Avatar
    Nicely done, mudflap. Hopefully, you'll get our attention here with each new post there. Or we'll bookmark it.
  10. mudflap's Avatar
    Yes, the password is ABCD1234
  11. panderson03's Avatar
    cool that you're blogging your experiences!
    went to your site but am unable to view content.
    something about needing a password?
  12. mudflap's Avatar
    I found out the blog site (WordPress) is requiring new users to create a profile, so I fixed my blog to be public so you don't have to create a user name- you just need the website: , and a password: ABCD1234 .