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  1. I'm back on WordPress

    I explain why I came back to WordPress.

    Also - we are getting close to finishing the walls...
  2. sometimes you work alone

    I made this blog post, but don't have any photos to go with it. However, it is descriptive of the process of setting logs with lifting poles, if that kind of stuff interests you:
  3. 30' sawmill track up and running

    New Blog post:

    It's on a new blog- I decided to go to "" because on "wordpress" has too many restrictions. I wanted to play around with the content, and couldn't on wordpress. Anyway, that's why.

    Anyway, enjoy! comments appreciated.
  4. It's been a weird month

  5. More Cabin Motivation

    Hi people-

    doing some more writing on my blog (because peeling logs is hard):

    Hope everyone is well!
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