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  1. The Chinking Post


    I used the calculator at the permachink website - my average gap is about 4", and about 2" deep x 40 foot long walls x 20 feet tall (15 lines of chink x 2 (inside / outside)) x 4 walls is how they figured it = $14,000 for their stuff. Traditional mortar chink = 1 wall takes about a bag of portland cement ($18), 4 bags of lime ($4 each), and probably 1/2 ton of sand ($23). So 1 wall, outside only: 18 + 16 + ...
  2. second floor brackets

    Hi folks-
    finished welding and painting the second floor brackets - just need some holes.

    And I'm going to follow Ronnie's suggestion to hang a ledger board on the wall, and then install the brackets on the ledger board. logs are way too crooked for anything else, I think.

  3. closing in one gable - part 1


    one tip I didn't put in the blog because it's probably too boring for non-builder types:

    when laying out your 16" centers....

    I started on the left, so the pieces started out small and got bigger.
    Then on the right, they are big and get smaller as you get towards the eaves.

    Here's the thing, though:

    If you line up your ...
  4. first exterior door frame

  5. Staining logs

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