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    So here we are this past winter trying to get a head start on all the hardwoods that will be used in the home, and i just wanted to play with the woodMizer
    Fast forward to last weekend and we had some of our kids and a bunch of the town neighbors out for some fresh aire in the new basement

    this past weekend we were able to get the builders felt and sill plate on, however due to my extreme case of echeepo syndrome.... i waited out a bit for a deal on a telehandler, needless the wait didnt matter, and the the local FabcoRents came to the rescue with a 6k 2012 lift, ready for the month, not as good as some of you guys scoring a 1month rent for $1k but hey this is central WI and well yea.
    so this is the fun part, of Wisconsinite walkie talkies, put the kid between the operator and the setters as the relay to what dad tells mom to do with the lift... always fun...
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    you're on your way!!!