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01-16-2010, 06:06 PM
Kind of an odd little set up, a <a href="http://thomasmayerarchive.de/categories.php?cat_id=2462&amp;sessionid=0669b8d5b7064 40c6072c8a7a7f63bf6&amp;l=english">fake log home on a trailer</a>.?

When I saw the article about it on BoingBoing it just said &quot;built for a musician.&quot;? My first guess was 'hunting blind for Ted Nugent' ;)

01-16-2010, 07:07 PM
Not sure about those logs sitting on the ground, but that really appeals to me, maybe because it invokes a semi-stealth mode.

If Ted Nugent owned it, would it be the Ted Shed? G'ma
took one look at my tool shed and said it looked like Ted Kaczynski would be right at home. From then on the tool shed had a permanent name.

Many decades ago, a classmate showed me his "secret fort". Back then, instead of large bins, apples were picked in wooden boxes which are about the same size as the cardboard apple box found near the crusher at the local supermarket. The boxes nested in groups of
three (top, bottom, and a box standing on end nested inside the top and bottom boxes. The orchardists then stacked these nests of three boxes into a huge pile. My classmate went up about 5' on a huge pile, and started to remove boxes. He locked the remaining boxes together and made a passage way. The passage ways were only one box wide (18"?), and two boxes high, but they connected rooms, sometimes big rooms, into the mother of all kid forts. It was big, and stealth. The stacks of boxes might be as large as 12' tall, 50' wide, and 80' long. Of course the fort only lasted until the next harvest. The orchardist would never need to order extra boxes, he would just count the boxes in his pile, and find out he had more than he started with...until he took the pile apart and discovered his boxes were just a honeycomb, and his box count was far less than he had originally thought! To find the entry, my classmate would count up, then over, then remove one box, jump up into the passage way, and replace the box guarding the entry. The fort was totally stealth!!
When growing-up, we were always making tree house forts, orchard shed forts, abandoned packing shed forts (that one was huge!), firewood forts (dangerous!), and camps down at the river, but none could compete with the coolness of that apple box fort.